Become a Member

Become A Member

AQHRA Memberships are on the rise; thanks to the continued breed improvement program and purse support from Horse Racing Alberta!

Membership is required in order to participate in all AQHRA Stakes and Awards programs, Equine events and “Foaled in Alberta” programs, incentives and bonuses.  Membership year is from January 1 to December 31.  Payment at the beginning of the calendar year is encouraged to ensure the Association has up-to-date contact information for ongoing communications.

Membership Fees will remain the same in 2019.

2019 AQHRA Membership Application

Download Printable AQHRA By-Laws


**NEW** Beginning January 1, 2017, a trainer must be a member of the AQHRA to enter and/or participate in any AQHRA Stakes Race or added money race.


**NEW** AQHA Challenge Membership requirement beginning January 1, 2017, an AQHA membership is required for all owners and trainers participating in any AQHA Racing Challenge race.


 Just a reminder: two (2) important additions to the current membership application (introduced in 2016) are as follows:


  1. Association By-Laws: Signature required agreeing to abide to the By-Laws of the Association.


  1. Privacy & Consent: Signature required providing the Association with consent to communicate with member via electronic means as outlined in Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL).  The legislation requires that the Association obtain expressed consent from its members for email communications.  In addition the Association requests permission to share contact information (including by electronic means) for the purposes of providing and producing publications, lists and to perform marketing and advertising services.


Annual General Meeting

By becoming a full-fledged member of the AQHRA, you receive a free subscription to a horse magazine, liability insurance and you are also invited to attend and participate in our Annual General Meeting held each year. Your membership grants you the right to vote on any agenda items at this meeting and your participation is encouraged!


Frequently Asked Questions  Updated March 2017

Q. Do I need to buy a membership in order to enter a horse in an AQHRA Stakes race or added money race, event or sale?

A. Yes! If you plan to participate in any AQHRA Race program or consign to the AQHRA Annual Fall Sale you must have a current year AQHRA membership (Single or Family, and other, as required). Beginning January 1, 2017, a trainer must be a member of the AQHRA to enter and/or participate in any AQHRA Stakes Race or added money race. 


 Q. Do you need a membership in order to receive eligible “Foaled in Alberta” owner and/or breeder bonuses?

Yes! If you are the owner or are the breeder of a horse that has earned eligible bonuses, you must have a current year AQHRA membership. No accumulation of bonuses will occur if the owner/breeder is not a member of the AQHRA.  Acquire your membership at the beginning of the calendar year to ensure all eligible funding is received.


Q. Does the owner of a stallion that stands in Alberta need a membership in order to receive eligible stallion owner bonuses?

Yes! The stallion owner must have a current year AQHRA membership (single or family, and other, as required) and the stallion must be nominated to the Alberta Stallion Stakes Program in order to receive eligible stallion owner bonuses.


Q. Are there any other benefits to buying an AQHRA membership?

A. Yes!  Membership includes Liability Insurance Coverage which provides protection to members for legal liability as third parties for death, disease, bodily injury, personal injury and/or loss of use of property while participating in sanctioned racing activities for the Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association. This coverage is mandatory for all participants racing quarter horses at  track venues in Alberta.  In addition to liability insurance coverage, you will also receive a Free magazine subscription “The Racing Journal”. This monthly magazine reports on horse racing in the western provinces of Canada and the western, intermountain, and Great Plains regions of the United States.


Q. How much does an annual membership cost?

A. Check our 2018 AQHRA Membership Application for further information.

  • Associate Membership ($25 + $1.25 GST) = $26.25
  • Single Membership ($105 + $5 GST) = $105
  • Family Membership ($125 + $6.25 GST) = $131.25
  • Syndicates, Ranches Stables, Farms, Companies etc. ($25 + $1.25 GST) = $26.25