Operating Procedures


Directors Meeting Electronic Voting Procedures

First Presented – April 29, 2017


Back Ground Information

By the legitimate use of the principle that the rules are designed for the protection of the minority, and generally need not be strictly enforced when there is no minority to protect, business may be greatly expedited. When there is evidently no opposition, the formality of voting can be avoided by the chairs asking if there is any objection to the proposed action, and if there is none, announcing the result. The action thus taken is said to be done by general consent, or unanimous or silent consent.

There has been established as a compromise between the rights of the individual and the rights of the assembly the principle that a two-thirds vote is required to adopt any motion that suspends or modifies a rule of order previously adopted; or prevents the introduction of a question for consideration; or closes, or limits, or extends the limits of debate; or limits the freedom of nomination or voting;

Given the above generalizations then the following is proposed:


1.      Question

The question is asked by the President, or by the Chair of the respective committee, or by the Program Coordinator (Vote Administrator or VA) on instructions from one of the preceding; No seconder is required

2.      Quorum

A minimum number of directors consisting of two-thirds of the existing elected board must respond to declare the motion valid if successful

3.      Response

Return emails should be by an initialized email sent only to the AQHRA office or by fax sent only to the AQHRA office

4.      Closure for voting

Any Director is permitted to update their vote or to veto the electronic vote at any time before the voting time limit has passed. Thus, all electronic votes must remain open until 5 PM the day following the original question. The time limit being 5 PM the day following the original question

5.      Voting options 

The electronic voting options are: Yes/No/Abstention/Veto. The veto option is to be selected by a director if he or she wants to cancel the electronic vote for any reason


6.      Results of a veto

Upon a veto, the in-progress electronic vote is cancelled. At this point the Vote Administrator (VA), at the VA’s discretion, could initiate additional discussions on the mailing list, initiate another electronic vote, drop the motion, or refer the motion to a regular meeting of the Board meeting

7.      Conditions for positive vote 

A proposal is accepted if three-quarters of the elected directors voting give a positive vote.

8.      Announcing the results

The VA is responsible for announcing the result the first business day following the vote closure to the board. The announcement should include the data and time of each vote or abstention as well as the names of any directors who did not cast a vote before the voting time limit passed

9.       Confirmation without a regular Board meeting

If all directors then in office voted in favor of the motion then the motion is confirmed. If all directors then in office did not vote in favor of a motion that otherwise had a positive vote, the motion may be confirmed at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.